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A piece I wrote is now up at The New Republic's website. It's called OutFlanked, and it takes a look at what we can expect now that there's pro-life Democrat running for the Senate. (Free registration is required before you can read the article.)



Interesting piece, but I'm not sure I (as a Pennsylvania voter, incidentally) get your point. Is it that Santorum will ascend (or descend) to new heights (or lows) of opportunism to get elected? (There are a lot of things I don't like about Santorum, but I don't perceive him to be any more opportunistic than the typical U.S. Senator--he always has struck me as more motivated by ideology than by opportunism.) Or are you suggesting that a pro-life, pro-gun Democrat like Casey may be doomed? Or is there some other point?

Personally, I'm a pro-life, crypto-pacifist Democrat. What worries me about the PA race is that a lot of Republicans will cross over in the Democratic primary to vote against Casey, but that Barbara Hafer (Casey's leading primary opponent) will defeat Santorum in the fall. I wouldn't mind that personally, but my wife, a pro-life Republican, will read me the riot act for voting for a pro-choice Democrat over a pro-life Republican. So, in the interest of domestic tranquility ...

Jacob said:

I have to admit that I didn't really have a specific satirical point with this essay, which is probably why you couldn't figure out what my point was... I just thought there was something inherently funny in the idea of a Republican starting to get nervous because his Democratic opponent was pro-life.

In any case, I agree with you about Santorum. He has a lot of flaws, but ideological inconsistancy isn't one of them. To the list of flaws he does have, though, I will now add "Putting musicologyman's domestic happiness at risk."

Frank Emesis said:

you cannot cross party lines in the PA primaries. You have to vote for you own parties candidates only.

Kevin said:

Your new TNR article is not funny. Try harder next time.

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