The Daily Bugle Was Right

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I have stumbled across what may be the best quote ever from an actual press release by a United States Senator.

"I am very concerned about [the] Spidey-Signal's potential impact on our environment..."

That's Representative Diane Watson speaking.

Now, maybe she just wants to lock up J. Jonah Jameson's endorsement her next election cycle. Or maybe I'm taking her quote entirely out of context.

But maybe--just maybe--she's actually the Green Goblin.



Peter said:

Is Diane Mary Jane's mom?

Jacob said:

I think you're on to something.

Lucinda said:

But wait... Spider-man had Spidey-sense. It was the Batman who had the signal. What does it mean when our cereal manufacturers can't get this right? Clearly, it is an effect of mercury poisoning...

Jacob said:

Actually, Spider-man does have a signal. It's just, rather than the city using it to summon him, Spidey uses it to announce his arrival. It's not a very useful signal, really.

You can find pictorial documentation at

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