The Government Manual for New Superheroes

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No doubt you have often considered donning spandex tights and leaping across the rooftops of your city, defeating the evil and rescuing the innocent. Equally doubtlessly, the only thing holding you back has been certain practical questions. How will you keep your secret identity secret? Where can you recruit a sidekick and, more importantly, an arch enemy? And when you build your gleaming high tech headquarters, what zoning regulations must you follow?

Fear not, citizen crimefighters. Help is at hand, and it will be published by Andrews McMeel in September or October of this year.

Oh, and also, I wrote it, with my friend Matthew.

Here's a look at the preliminary design for the front cover (which may change slightly between now and publication):

UPDATE: The Government Manual for New Superheroes is now available for pre-order at



I always wondered how Bruce Wayne built the Bat Cave without having to discuss his plans with the Gotham Planning Commission.

jokes said:

How does superman getway with flying around without having to deal withe FAA?

This is a problem, we have to deal with. All these superhumans and their powers.

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