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Some years ago, I came across one of the many variations of the famous Geek Test. Disappointed at my low score, I wrote my own version, on which I could score higher: the Film Geek Test. It's been sitting on my hard drive since I first posted it to Wordplayer, but recently, a friend sent me a link to the Geek Test, which has inspired me to dig this out, put it into HTML form, and post it. So, without further ado, it is with great pleasure that Yankee Fog presents the Semi-Unofficial Film Geek Test.



24%. I don't know whether that makes me a uncool or cool. I think cool.

Jacob said:

For what it's worth, I, the author of the test, only scored 77%.

Jacob said:

By the way, in response to a number of complaints, I've adjusted the little "Guide to your score" thingie at the end to reflect the difficulty of the test.

Matthew's score is still ridiculously low, though. Sure, maybe it makes him cool in some circles, but if he ever shows up at the Oscars, I bet Martin Scorcese holds him in the toilet and gives him a swirlie.

Mike Sager said:

I think that membership in a film-related union should be weighted more. I am pleased to see IATSE included. :)

Unsurprisingly, my best category was technical. 29. Hmph. Ahh, but if this was TELEVISION...

Nick K. said:

Great test! Kind of a kick in the nuts, though. Wish I'd scored higher...

tuck said:

although wouldn't a true film geek have spelled "Stanley Donen" correctly?

Craig Mazin said:

36 millimeter film???


PS: 44%, pretty dismal.

Jacob said:

Yikes. Tuck and Craig, thanks for catching those rather embarrassing mistakes. That's 10 extra points for each of you, taken off of my score.

I've now fixed them, and in the future, I will deny they were ever there.

Roger said:

I scored 25%, about which I'm happy because I scored higher than Matthew. I was also happy that you put Bernard Hermann in there. My best category, to my surprise, was "Quotes". Apparently, a significant portion of my brain is wasted storing movie writer credits.

Wait, wait... now I'm the low benchmark? Inconceivable! Look, I just don't do well on tests, which is why I went to college at a second-rate Presbyterian trade school in rural New Jersey... where I met Jacob.

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