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Ferran Adriá is quite possibly the most influential and innovative chef in the world. His culinary creations are like something out of a science fiction novel, and if you wish to sample them, you must compete with compete with 300 thousand other culinary devotees as you attempt to secure a reservation, and then--should you obtain one--you will need to pay about 150 Euroes ($172) per person, not counting drinks.

Or you could just go to the grocery store and by Adria's new Lay's potato chips for 1.15 euros ($1.37). Your choice.

Yes, that's right--the greatest chef on the planet is now making Lay's potato chips.

No, that's not Señor Adria on the front of the bag. But he does appear on the back:

(You can click on either image if you want to see a larger version.)

Lauren and I spotted these chips in a small convenience store when we were in Spain, and, realizing this might be our only chance to taste Adriá's cuisine, bought them at once. Having eaten the entire bag, we can now report that they were noticably better than your average potato chips; the crispiness was just a little grainier than usual, if that makes sense, and the flavor more pleasant. They were not earth-shattering revalatory chips by any means, but they were certainly a notch above average.

Now I just have to go find myself one of those new Ferran Adriá twinkies...



Jay said:

Oh... my best friend is going to be heartbroken to hear this! She's a total FA fan, and a slow foodie.

I was lucky enough to try a Bulli catering dinner once. It was interesting but rather ‘foamy’. I’d love to try his sorbet of Spanish omelette at least once before I die though.

BTW, this isn’t the first time he has whored his name out. His face is also to be seen in the local supermarkets on some schmanzy brand of olive oil.

food eater said:

I can report that the are still tasty. Just finished a bag here in Madrid. Adria is not a snob. In my opinion, El Bulli is worth every eurocent. Was lucky enough to dine there last summer. A sublime experience.

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