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I recently stumbled across an online textbook seller who is offering The Government Manual for New Superheroes for sale right next to other reference works like "Grade 10 Testing Reading and Writing Workbook" . I was especially amused to see that even a volume aimed at costumed crimefighters is subject to the same markup that applies to all textbooks--this guy is selling the Government Manual for a full $4 above the cover price.

I like to imagine some teacher clicking the wrong button and buying two dozen copies of our book when she meant to buy "Government in Canada," and then having to structure her curriculum around us, instead.



Sonya said:

This is a Toronto-based textbook seller. I just last week used them to purchase my daughters Form 1 texts; if only I had known we could have ordered the Government Manual for new superheroes! I am not happy to hear about the mark-up, however, as I am sure we could have acquired a copy of The Tempest at our local bookseller!

Great blog, by the way.

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