Oh, tempora! Oh, mores!

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Global warming, political unrest, the Bush presidency. the fact that "Lost" is being aired a year later in the UK than in the US--these are all painful aspects of modern life with which I have made my peace.

But when an editor of the Oxford English Dictionary argues that using the word "literally" to mean "figuratively is no big deal, I fear for our future.



Colin said:

That is very sad. This is the one absolute king of verbal pet peeves for me. Chewing with one's mouth open probably beats it out, but not by much. I was in a meeting earlier this week and the manager of one of our branch offices said that we (a company) were literally being raped by something. I didn't know whether to laugh, throttle him, or correct him loudly and publicly in a masterful display of my obvious superiority. So I settled for taking a sip of my coffee and maybe looking a little more tired than I already did.

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