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From the BBC: "A breakdown patrol man who came to the rescue of a woman motorist has managed to get her car started using her dog."

As Juliette Piesley of Surrey was changing the battery in her electronic key fob, the immobiliser chip fell out, and her dog ate it. Now she can't start her car unless the dog is sitting inside it... at least, until the chip comes out the other end.

The article presents this story as a charming accident, but I think it's something more sinister. For nearly a century, dogs have longed for a way to force their owners to give them car rides. Now one dog in Surrey has finally cracked the code. Soon they will figure out how to start and drive the cars themselves. Then they will work out how to lift up the toilet seat when they are thirsty. And then we will be obsolete!

Flee! Flee! The dog revolution is about to begin!



Teme said:

That's (furry) hilarious. Whew. Paws for thought. I'm sure he ain't nuthin but a Hondawg.

Teme said:


Mitch said:

I've heard of ruff idling, but this is a Boxer Rebellion....

Lucinda said:

You heard about the woman in China who was ticketed for giving her dog driving lessons, right? There are human sympathsizers to the revolution already...

Judy said:

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Mike said:

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