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Attention, Radio Fans


Matthew and I will be on the radio tonight at 6:10PM EST talking about one of our books. Probably The Government Manual for New Wizards, but possibly The Government Manual for New Pirates.

Residents of Uniontown, PA, can hear us by tuning their AM dial to 590. Everybody else can listen in online.

My career plans


Apparently, the English are looking for a new royal familY:

There has long been debate regarding the validity of King Harold's claim to the throne, so to mark the opening of the new £2.3m visitor centre at Battle Abbey and Battlefield in February, English Heritage are researching the history that might have happened.

We aim to inspire people to take a fresh look at history and we want to explore any of these possible alternatives:

Were your ancestors Anglo Saxon or Danish nobles before 1066? Perhaps you can trace your heritage back to Harold, Edward the Confessor or Edgar the Aetherling.

If you have documentary evidence that your family could, theoretically, make a claim on the English crown, we would be interested to hear from you.

Please send a summary of your claim with copies of any supporting documents and stating your most likely gateway ancestor to:
Claimants to the English Throne
English Heritage
1 Waterhouse Square
138-142 Holborn
London EC1N 2ST

A panel of expert genealogists and historians will be assessing the information. While there can be no 'winner' as such, the strongest claims will be publicised as part of our programme to raise awareness of this key event in English history.

Oh, sure, they're claiming it's just a theoretical exorcise. But they would have to say that, wouldn't they? Otherwise the Queen would get wise and would execute them all.

Unless... Maybe this is all a plot by the Queen. She wants to flush out all her rivals so she can lock them in the Tower.

Attention, descendents of Edgar the Aetherling! Don't answer this call. It's a trap! Flee, my liege lords, flee!

Apparently, I am working for the UN


There is a Swiss website called UN Jobs, which, true to its name, lists such positions as "Program Officer, Kabul: World Food Program."

I have recently discovered that it has one page dedicated to me, and another dedicated to Matthew David Brozik, my co-author on the Government Manual series.

Why? I don't know. I can only speculate that The Government Bureau of Superheroics and The Enchantment Administration have been taken over by the UN. Either that, or Matthew has signed us both up to be radio operators in Qalat, Afghanistan without telling me.

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