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The Truth About Mordachai


Every year at the Jewish holiday of Purim, my friend Rob Kutner--a writer for The Daily Show--gets a puts together a comedy show to raise money for charity. In past years, I've written sketches for it.

This year, he asked me to make some short films for it: political attack ads featuring Haman (the villain of the story) tearing into Mordachai (the hero). I've uploaded them here.

Warning: may not be funny to Gentiles.

The Revolution is coming!

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For many years, Man has maintained mastery over Dog for a simple reason: we know how to buy dogfood, and they do not.

Now, I fear, this may change. I bring you shocking photographic proof that dogs have mastered the intricacies of capitalism:

As the Metro reports, service dogs are now being trained to use ATM machines. Sure, it seems cute and helpful now, but when you wake up one morning to find your bank account empty and a diamond-studded humancollar around your neck, you'll wish you had heeded my warning.

Cover story


I'm pleased to see that now has the newly designed cover in its listing for The Government Manual for New Pirates. Our publishers' design team outdid themselves this time. Of the three books Matthew and I have written, Pirates has our favorite cover.

The inside of the book looks great, too, but for now, you'll just have to take my word for it.



I was excited to see this banner headline the other day:

Alas, closer inspection revealed the following:

Turns out it was just a front-page ad for a British TV show.

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