The Revolution is coming!

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For many years, Man has maintained mastery over Dog for a simple reason: we know how to buy dogfood, and they do not.

Now, I fear, this may change. I bring you shocking photographic proof that dogs have mastered the intricacies of capitalism:

As the Metro reports, service dogs are now being trained to use ATM machines. Sure, it seems cute and helpful now, but when you wake up one morning to find your bank account empty and a diamond-studded humancollar around your neck, you'll wish you had heeded my warning.



Gordon said:

A few years ago, Samantha and I were driving on one of the main routes through town. Lots of banks, restaurants, etc. One of the establishments had a banner posted, indicating that it had an ATM inside. As we passed the banner, we both began laughing, for no apparent reason. I knew why I was laughing, and she knew why she was laughing, and when we compared notes, it turned out we were laughing for the same reason: The capital letters "ATM" were framed, left and right, by little "speed lines", such as might be used in a comic book. The lines looked like capital letter "E's", before and after ATM. Thus is appeared to read, "EATME"!

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