Babies for Obama

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I've been looking for some good Obama babywear, with no luck. The best I could find was a rather tacky looking outfit with the on-the-nose message "Babies for Obama."

So I came up with a slightly more interesting slogan. And thanks to the exceptional design talents of the folks at Hunt Smith Design, it's now available for purchase at

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Too funny, if not a little gross! I'd like to see you submit that to the campaign, it'd be hilarious!! Just another expat that found you in the blogosphere, and waiting to hear more!

Teme said:

That's a GREAT design. I wish it came in my size. Maybe you could do one with McCain, too ... "Crap ... not just for diapers anymore."

Lisa said:

Check out for "Baby Got Barack" and "Barack-a-bye Baby" onesies...

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