A Modest Proposal

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Apparently, John McCain feels he is needed in Washington, DC, on Friday, and he therefore can't attend the scheduled debate. Senator Obama disagrees, and plans to attend.

Fortunately for Senator McCain, there's an easy solution. He has already chosen the one person in America he considers most qualified to step in for him if he can't fulfil his duties: Sarah Palin.

So why not send Governor Palin to debate Barack Obama?

Surely if she's qualified to negotiate with foreign heads of state, she can handle a debate with one little US Senator. And while she's busy dazzling America with her extensive grasp of international affair, Senator McCain can... well, he can do whatever magic economy-fixing voodoo is so important that he has to do it Friday evening.

It's a win-win!


Not a bad idea. But only if they talk about nuclear weapons, just so I can hear Palin say nucalar over and over again.

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