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Flickr has photos of today's headlines from the UK papers. I'm sure the next time the Brits go to the polls, we'll return the compliment with similarly dramatic coverage.

My favorite headline is on the far right of the photo above. It's from The Star, which considers Barak Obama significant, but not quite as significant as the attractive young woman it identifies as "Abbey Clancy in thigh-high boots." It might seem from The Star's headline that they're thanking us for our choice, but, on closer inspection, they seem to be thanking us merely for having an election:

Unfortunately, I can't find the full article online, so it's not clear to me exactly how "American election fever save[d] a million British jobs," but once again, let me say: you're welcome.


Emily said:

Wow. Two posts from you in a row. It IS a big day.

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