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What I've Been Up To

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Seeing as it's been precisely a year since my last post, you have no doubt deduced that I've abandoned all pretense of updating this blog regularly. But for anybody still following me, here are a few things I've been up to recently.

A short story of mine called "Eugene" was published at Popcorn fiction. While you're there, check out the archives. There's some really brilliant stuff. My favorites include A Best Friend Named Rick and March 6th. I'd also recommend Unconditional, but I have to warn you that it's every parents' worst nightmare, so read with caution.

I wrote a few episodes of a new animated series called Shelldon, which premiered last month on NBC. The first of my episodes is scheduled to air this Saturday, November 7. It looks like the second of my episodes will air November 28. I should note that, as usually happens with freelance TV writing, my scripts were rewritten pretty thoroughly after I handed them in, so I have no idea how much of my original script actually made it to the air. (Unless the episode turns out to be a staggering work of genius, in which case, I will insist they didn't change a word)

Finally, last week, I was a guest on The David Feldman Comedy Podcast, where I discussed a topic about which I am widely recognized to be the world's greatest expert: the contents of my freezer. I don't mean to oversell it, but this is probably the single most important subject in the world at the moment, so I know you'll want to listen.

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