Dear Reddit,


I wrote a book!



But I wasnÕt exactly giving JK Rowling a run for her money.



Then Kamelot4211 took a photo of the cover and posted it to Reddit.




Lots of people saw it.



:Lots of people saw it.jpg



Suddenly, more people were buying my book.






So I just wanted to say to Kamelot4211, and to all of RedditÉ







IÕm suing your asses under the DMCA.







Ha ha! Just kidding!



No, what I really wanted to say was:


IÕm excited my book is getting more readers—but, honestly, IÕm just as excited that nearly half a million people got a laugh from the cover.  


(Yes, IÕm assuming that everybody who saw it laughed. Please donÕt tell me otherwise. I SAID DONÕT TELL ME OTHERWISE! LA LA LA I CANÕT HEAR YOU LA LA LA LA LA LA!)


And so, to Kamelot4211 and all of RedditÉ


Thank you!