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Just wait 'til next year


If you want to be inspired to do great things, stop by Things Other People Accomplished When They Were Your Age and see what great people had accomplished long before they reached your age.

And if you want to be inspired to put off doing great things, look at what people accomplished when they were older than you. Neil Armstrong didn't even set foot on the moon until he was 39. Heimlich didn't invent his famous maneuver until he was 54.

And did you know Michaelangelo didn't even start working on the Sistine Chapel until he was 33? What a slacker. By the time I had turned 33, I had already visited the completely finished Sistine Chapel.

Bunny Rabbits, Satan, Cheese, and Milk


Sometimes, people recording their voices on their home computers accidentally make the recording available via Kazaa or other file-sharing network. And sometimes, a mischievous composer known as Stark Effect remixes those recordings into songs for a project called Mic In Track. The results can be incredibly catchy, surprisingly wistful, or just sweet.

Stark Effect's work can also be found at Dictionaraoke, where remixers use online dictionaries to sing classic songs. I don't know why it's so funny to hear a computer sing like John Lee Hooker or Astrud Gilberto, but it just is.

In fact, the only thing that's better is stopping by The Party Party and hearing George W. Bush singing "Imagine" or rapping like madman. (Warning: that last link is NSFW. The President is surprisingly pottymouthed.)

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This Godzilla-themed wedding decoration is pretty cool, especially if they carried the theme through by poorly lip-synching their vows.

From The Department Of Helpful Tips


The New York Press's helpful guide on How Not To Fake Your Own Death. Via Monkeyfilter

Who's On First


You may recall that, shortly before the Oscars, I feebly attempted to make a bit of comedic hay over the film names Before Sunset and After The Sunrise. I knew there was a joke in there somewhere, and I grasped for it valiantly, but, with hindsight, I clearly wasn't able to find it.

Fortunately for the world, Chris Gaveler was.

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