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A few brief additions to my prior column on the UK's drinking culture:


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Lauren and I went to a concert recently at the Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. (As a side note, I was always under the impression that it was St. Martin who was in the fields, not the Academy. In my original version of this entry, I stated that as a fact, only to be corrected by alert reader James Maysonett. It turns out that St. Martin lived on an island, not amongst the fields, whereas the church in his honor was erected in the midst of fields in 1222. I blame my mistake on the unclear way the Academy has chosen to hyphenate its name. It ought to be the Academy-of-St-Martin In The Fields.)

In any case, the concert was good, but what impressed me most was something I saw, not something I heard.


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Today's something interesting is a new website I've put together: Londonfilter. It's still in Beta, meaning I'm still looking for bugs. It should be pretty
self-explanatory; it's a place where people can post and discuss links to
interesting London-related links and articles. Take a look at it--or, even
better, sign in and start posting:


How hard can it be?


Today, Lauren and I are driving from London to Cambridge. This will be our first time driving on the left side of the road, but how hard can it be? In fact, as a southpaw, I might even find it more natural than driving on the right. We've spoken to some American friends of ours who have driven in the UK before, and they advise that, whenever we make a right turn, we should both loudly say "Wide right turns," to make sure we don't end up driving into oncoming traffic. Other than that, they are sure we'll find it easy.