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Tottenham Court Road

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As I enter the southbound Northern Line platform at Tottenham Court Road, I hear an eerie, unmistakable sound: weeping. Not mere crying, not muffled sobs, but genuine, wretched, uncontrollable weeping.

People often ask what things I miss most about the United States. The first thing is always the friends and family members who live there. The second thing is always living in a country whose fate my vote can govern. The third thing varies from day to day, but right now, it's "Survivor: All Stars."

Britain's Next Prime Minister

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In the wake of the Iraqi torture scandal, and in the face of steadily decaying public support for his role in the Iraq war, Tony Blair is now facing calls from within the Labour Party to resign.

Whether or not he does, it seems unlikely that the Labour Party's two main rivals--the Tories and the Liberal Democrats--will be able to find make much hay from Blair's troubles, unless they can find a viable alternative to present to the public. Such an alternative candidate for Prime Minister would have to be charismatic and witty. He would have to be a seasoned politician, as comfortable making backroom deals as winning the hearts of the hoi polloi. He would need a keen mind to grapple with domestic policy, and enough gravitas to provide international credibility.

It sounds like a tall order--but such a man does exist, and fortunately for the Lib Dems, he is both a Democrat and a liberal. His name is William Jefferson Clinton, and ever since he stopped being president of the United States, he's had plenty of time on his hands.

Highgate Cemetery

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Apologies for the lateness of this week's Something Interesting. We were in Edinburgh for the weekend, and I'm trying to catch up.

Lauren and I recently spent an afternoon in Highgate Cemetery, in North London. Like most cemeteries, it's a wonderfully photogenic place. For proof, click here