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Pretty much every author I know has had bitter complaints about their publisher's PR department. Before The Government Manual For New Superheroes came out, everybody warned us that, if we wanted any publicity, we'd have to get it for ourselves.

Somehow, though, Matthew and I lucked out. Greg Moore--the PR guy Andrews McMeel gave us--has done a fantastic job. Among other things, he's gotten us a bunch of interviews with radio stations all around the country. Today, for example, we're talking with a station in Alaska at 1:05PM EST, and then, at 3:08PM EST, we'll be on WJBC AM1230 in Central Illinois. You can listen in on the WJBC interview via their webcast.

We asked Greg how he rounded up all these interviews, and it turns out there's a magazine devoted to bringing people who want to be interviewed together with broadcasters who want to interview them: Radio & Television Interview Report. Andrews McMeel took out an ad in RTIR, and the interview requests starting rolling in.

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