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Top Secret

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I have just learned through top-secret channels (*) that The Government Manual for New Superheroes is being sold at the gift shop of The DC Spy Museum. That is way cool. I am delighted to know that the men and women of our nation's secret services (and the tourists who love them) have easy access to the important costumed crimefighting tips they need in today's dangerous world.

I don't see the book listed in the museum's online store, but that is doubtlessly because the book is too sensational to be sold online; it can only be sold in person, where the store's highly trained clerks may assess whether the purchaser intends to use it for good or for evil.

(How then, you may ask, is the book available through Amazon and other online retailers? National security prevents me from answering that.)

(*) Actually, a college buddy told me(**).
(**) Well, actually, he told my co-author Matthew, and Matthew told me. This kind of serpentine information retrieval is exactly the kind of thing that earned me the approval of the DC Spy Museum.

These are my author's copies. If you'd like your own, Amazon claims they are currently shipping the book within 24 hours, although I haven't gotten any independent verification of that.

In any case, it is not too soon to begin checking your local bookstore for The Government Manual for New Wizards. Nor is it too soon to begin an angry picket line if they don't have it.

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